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Most people do not give their feet a second thought until they hurt! Once their feet are hurting, most people have no idea how to eliminate their foot pain other than the temporary, symptomatic solutions offered by massage, foot reflexology or hot foot soaks.

This web site will provide you an insight about your feet leading to healthier feet and legs.

Fast Facts on your Feet

Foot Problems

Foot problems are universal and can affect everyone, from clerks to professional athletes. Anyone who spends prolonged periods on their standing or walking, or invloved in recreational activities, sports or military duties can suffer from foot and related problems.

Most people do not give their feet a second thought untill they hurt or realize the influence that our feet have on the development of knee, hip or back pain.

Foot pain can lead to lower activity levels and a diminished sense of well being, and prevent an individual from experiencing all of the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to help prevent cardiovascular disease, obesity, as well as help manage their stress levels.

Most foot problems and pain, whether they be congenital or development, are a result of a structural imbalance of the bones and muscles of the foot. Even a minor misalignment can result in foot pain and development of foot and related problems, and will develop at a faster rate with greater demands on your feet during exercise or even prolonged standing.


Children's / Young Adults Orthotics Program

FootWorkZ 'Children & Young Adult's Program' is designed to help correct their feet and their secondary orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Development. The optimal age for children to be corrected is from 5 to 16 years of age to benefit from correct foot alignment, it's positive Biomechanical effect on their knees, hip and spinal alignment, as well as on their posture and balance. Healthy Feet for a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

The Program's total cost is $488.00 and consists of an initial consultation. A foot/lower limb/postural and spinal examination and a pair of custom-made orthotics. It is recommended that the youngster's progress should be reviewed within 12 to 18 months to access the orthotics fitt and ensure they are wearing the orthotics correctly.

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FootWorkZ Franchises

Footworkz franchises are available to qualified musculo-skeletal Professionals ( Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Medical Specialists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, GP's and Orthopaedic Specialists). A comprehensive turn-key operation inclusive of all materials/instruments/machinery and a one week practical training program for all clinical & laboratory procedures & techniques is available. Please direct your inquiries to Brian J.Tracey at